Functions of a Computer

The personal computer is one of the more meaningful inventions of our time. It's hard to imagine a day go by where we don't use computers for personal or business use. Navigate to Intel's "Journey Inside a Computer" site and read about the four functions of a computer. Watch the animation under "Which Does What?" and complete the following in your notebook.

Pick up a copy of the handout "Functions of a Computer" (digital copy below) for your notebook and date it. Complete the first page of the handout.

MS Word Toolbars

After the class demonstration on the MS Word tools, flip to the "MS Toolbar" page of the "Function of a Computer" handout and label the various tools indicated on the handout. If you have difficulty remembering how to perform some of the commands on the worksheet, refer to the "Help" menu in MS Word for assistance.


Exercise - Functions of a Computer

Open a new document in MS Word. Using the drawing toolbar and WordArt, key in the title "Functions of a Computer". Paste a picture of a personal computer into the new document. Once you've clicked once on the picture, the picture ribbon bar should open. Click on the "Wrap Text" button and change it to "Square". This will let you move the picture around the document. Place it in the middle of the page.

Using the drawing tools, insert four text boxes around the picture. In each box insert your own definition with an example of each of the four functions of a computer.

Save your file as functions.

Print out a copy of your file, put your name on it and submit it by the end of class.